The sacraments are celebrations of God’s life and presence in our parish community. We aim to help individuals and families prepare for such important events.

Infant Baptism

We welcome those who bring children for this sacrament of salvation. Children are usually baptised in the parish church of their parents, since Baptism is about becoming a member of the Church, within the ‘parish family’. If you are not from the parish, you will need to obtain permission for the Baptism to take place from your parish of residence. If you are new to Holy Trinity, speak to a member of the Parish Team so that we can let you know what is required and we will then set a date for this joyful event – truly a day of celebration.

Reconciliation and Holy Communion

All children are prepared for these sacraments within the parish. To qualify to receive Holy Communion children should be at least 8 years old in the year of enrolment. Parents are encouraged to take an active part in the programme, as their children take their first important steps in the life of the Church.


A programme is held each year, starting before Christmas. Candidates must be 14 or over by the previous 31st August. Enrolment dates will be published in the Newsletter. it is a great event to make a personal decision that God is part of your life, and that you want to explore more fully what your faith means to you.


Marriage is the closest expression of unity that we have as human beings – a replication of the love at the heart of the Trinity. Couples who are eligible to marry at Holy Trinity through residency are asked to give at least six months’ notice and to take part in a marriage preparation programme. Any practical help concerning the marriage will be given to them at their early meetings with one of the team. Those resident here but wanting to get married elsewhere are also asked to make early contact.

Sacrament of the Sick

This strengthening sacrament is widely celebrated these days, and it is no longer associated solely with the last rites. Contact one of the Parish Team as soon as possible if you or one of your household is ill at home or has become housebound. Members of the Parish Team and Eucharistic Ministers bring Holy Communion regularly to people at home.

Holy Orders and the Religious Life

God is always calling us to our unique vocation, and for some that will be a call to the Priesthood or Religious Life