Sunday Mass

This is the main time we gather together each week. Christians should worship God together on Sundays, the day when we celebrate Christ’s Resurrection from the dead. We sing hymns, listen to the Bible, hear how the readings relate to our every day life, and offer the Mass, which nourishes us with Christ the Bread of Life. During this, children at primary school can go next door to the hall with a parent for fun and activity based ways to learn about the Church. All welcome, whether you’ve been before or not.

Weekday Mass

We pray in the Lord’s Prayer: “Give us this day our daily bread.” So it’s not just on Sundays that Mass is offered. The usual weekday Mass times are Mondays at 10.30am, Wednesdays at 12noon and Fridays at 12noon. These 30 minute opportunities to reconnect with God are vital for our growth in faith and love.


Baptism or Christening are different words for the same thing. It makes us a member of the Church, a child of God. It’s a wonderful outpouring of God’s grace which is open to all, young and old. If you wish to be baptised as an adult or you wish to present your child for baptism, then you should start coming along to Mass and speak to Fr Simon. Baptisms normally happen on Sundays at 12noon and there’s a preparation session on zoom before the day. Godparents need to be baptised and preferably confirmed.


Congratulations as you think about your future wedding. To be married at Holy Trinity, you need to have a connection with the church or have been attending here for six months or more. Either way, do speak to Fr Simon if you wish to be married here at least six months before the day.


It is possible to have here the funerals of those who have been baptised. Mention it to your Funeral Director and they will be in touch with Fr Simon.


Making a Confession is a great opportunity for a fresh start and to God’s forgiveness at work in your life. Speak to Fr Simon or Fr John if you wish to avail yourself of this gift.