Flowers at Christmas

Display of white, red, silver and green for Christmas

This has been a difficult year for everyone. For some months, public worship was not possible. We had to cope with all the restrictions which lockdown brings to us, to our families and community. Fortunately, public worship became possible again from early December, and we could use the Advent season to prepare for Christmas. Sadly, we had no Christmas Fair this year, and it was necessary to cancel the crib service on Christmas Eve. However, our congregation were able to come to church on Christmas Day for the Mass of the Nativity, and our church was beautifully decorated with flowers for the feast! The displays were arranged by congregation member, Pauline, who tells us a little here about how festive flowers are possible:

“Christmas is a celebration when our church will be decked out with flowers and is based on the festive colours of red, white, silver and green. We use twigs, berries and greenery from the garden and members of the congregation will always contribute when asked. The flowers normally bought will be chrysanthemums, carnations, and gerberas that will give a good and lasting display.

For a festival we would try to do at least 6 displays but this will depend on what foliage/flowers are in the garden and the generosity of the congregation with donations. A flower fund is held and donations can be given to Father Richard or by using the pink envelope.

Everyone loves seeing flowers in the church and our festivals are always well represented by our displays. It is a struggle to maintain this but if everyone gave a little then the visual welcome to our church would be appreciated by all.”

Flowers at Christmas

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